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Transform your thinking and behaviour, Lose Weight, Change Bad Habits, Overcome limitations, Reverse Ageing, Become Positive, Change your Life!



Ayurvedic, Bamboo, Hot Stone Massage, DNA Sound Clearing and Day Spa Therapies to Relax, Unwind, De-Stress, Stay Supple, Flexible, Youthful & Feel Fantastic.



Paramedical Aesthetics with a difference.

Facials using Ayurvedic Doshas, Purifying Honey, Essential Oils and Sound Vibrations to Hydrate, Purify, Rejuvenate, Renew & Restore Youthfulness.

Beam with Fresh Confidence.



The Latest SHR technology Pain Free, Fast, Safe, Effective, Affordable Permanent Laser Hair Reduction.

Technology that works

<span>, Manager</span>
"I made the call to your office because I had lived with a totally irrational fear of flying, this I had lived with for some years, with it starting to affect my career, something had to change….. After a lengthy discussion on the phone my skepticism, turned to curiosity, during the session I wondered if was fully understanding the work you did, following the session I felt strangely a little emotional. The days following the work you did, I drifted in and out of confidence of it working- But booked to fly to a remote mine site ( in very bad weather as it turned out). Three times our little nine seater plane tried to land before heading home. But I did it! I am now booked to fly to Perth this week also, a trip I would always have made by car! The next problem is deciding where to go on holiday, south America, south Africa and New Zealand are all calling! Thanks Leigh, you have an amazing talent, and would very highly recommend you to others."
- Steve, Manager
<span>, Office Manager</span>
"I have lost 14kg since beginning the Virtual Gastric Band Program in December last year. I’m not getting hungry between meals, and I find it relatively easy to avoid eating my problem foods such as chocolate which used to be my favourite food. The main change to my diet has been the reduction to my portion sizes. I feel more positive and definitely more comfortable with my new shape. The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis has been my saviour. I have found this lifestyle/weight loss journey the easiest of all those I have tried – and there have been a few. I’m very grateful for all the vouchers, they will come in very handy. Thanks for everything…."
- Nerissa Angwin, Office Manager
<span>, Business Owner Esperance</span>
"Eureka! Yes I got through my blood test without even flinching, no cold sweat, no shaking, no fainting, no losing it with the nurse!!!!!! I was even pulling jokes and laughing with the nurse like you said I would. My wife is happy that she can stop nagging me about my check up, but she is not happy because it means she finally gets to book the holiday I promised her…she is afraid of flying haa! I have told her to book in and see you and hurry up about it as flights are on sale at the moment haa haa……."
- RJ, Business Owner Esperance

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